What are the real estate recording fees?
According to the County Clerk’s fees as per Wyoming statutes 18-3-402 and 34.1-9-409 and others, the County Clerk shall collect and remit to the County Treasurer the following real estate recording fees:

  • Recording charges for any instrument - first page is $12 and each additional page is $3

  • Plats filed (including cemeteries and amended plats) - $75

  • File survey maps as defined in W.S. 33-29-111 - $50

  • Recording charge for more than 10 sections, blocks, lots, or tract descriptions (each additional over 10) - $1

  • Recording charge for more than five guarantors or grantees of a different surname (each additional) - $1

  • Recording charge for any instrument containing more than two real estate descriptions by book and page only (each additional page) - $2

Additional requirements include:

  • Documents must be original; copies cannot be recorded

  • Legal descriptions of property must be on the document

    • 2" margin at top or bottom of first page for recording label

    • Signatures must be notarized

    • When recording a document that transfers ownership, a statement of consideration must accompany the recording

    • Document type should be in the document title

    • When mailing a document to the County Clerk for recording, a self-addressed, stamped envelope is required for return

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