A Subdivision is the creation or division of a lot, tract, parcel or other unit of land for the immediate or future purpose of sale, building development or redevelopment, for residential, recreation, industrial, commercial or public use, including manufactured home parks.

The Subdivision Regulations were established to promote the public health, safety, welfare, and orderly growth of the County. These regulations are enacted for the purpose of implementing procedures to regulate the subdivision of lands within the County consistent with the goals and policies of the County Development Plan.

The Subdivision Regulations apply to parcels of land 140 acres or less in size in the unincorporated land within Natrona County.

All Subdivision submittals shall include a completed application with landowner signature, proof of ownership, and non-refundable application fees. See the individual application for additional submittal requirements.

2013 Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Applications and Forms

Simple Subdivision
A simple subdivision is a division of one parcel into two parcels, either of which is under 35 acres and not part of a previously platted subdivision.  
Simple Subdivision (PDF)

Major Subdivision 
A division of land into two or more parcels of 140 acres or less and not classified as a Simple Subdivision. A major subdivision generally requires DEQ review, the Health Department will make the recommendation for DEQ review on 5 lots or less.
Major Subdivision (PDF)

Mobile Home Park
These regulations shall apply to those areas where the owner proposes to develop, rent, or lease individual sites for mobile homes and/or an RV. The regulations shall apply to existing mobile home parks in unincorporated areas of Natrona County.

Subdivision Exemptions 
A division of land that meets the criteria from W.S. 18-5-303. Affidavit of Subdivision Exemption required.
Subdivision Exemptions