Seedling Tree Program


The seedling tree program provides small seedling trees and shrubs to property owners with a minimum of two acres of land. These trees and shrubs are intended for the development of homestead and livestock protection windbreaks. The program offers 40 species of plants in bare root, small potted, large potted and limited supplies of Extra Large potted varieties.

List of Seedlings (PDF)

It is recommended that interested parties order their plants prior to the holidays so that the forms don’t get lost in the holiday rush, as well as avoiding the situation where the preferred species is sold out before the order is placed.

Individuals interested in ordering plants can print the order form (PDF) or stop by the Agricultural Resource and Learning Center at 2011 Fairgrounds Road to pick up or drop off order forms and accompanying payments.

For more information please contact the Horticulturist or the Rural Living Educator for assistance in developing planting plans or plant species selection for specific sites. The number to reach the staff at the ARLC is (307) 235-9400. In the spring, post cards will be sent to those who have placed and paid for orders so that they know the times for pick up of their orders.

Download (PDF) detailed information.