County Property Sale Process

The properties listed on the County Land Overview Map (PDF) are properties which Natrona County may consider for public sale.

Natrona County reserves the right to withdraw any property from consideration for sale prior to entering into a contract for the sale of a specific property.

Natrona County property sale process:

  1. Persons may review the County Land Overview Map (PDF) to determine which properties Natrona County may consider selling.
  2. If interested in a specific property, a Bid To Purchase the property must be submitted to the Natrona County Attorney's Office.
  3. Upon receipt of a bid, the Natrona County Attorney's Office will conduct a title examination of the selected property and make a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners as to whether the County should sell the selected property.
  4. If the Board of County Commissioners accepts the recommendation of the County Attorney to sell the selected property, the Board will consider the bid price for the property.
  5. If the Board accepts the bid price, the bidder will be contacted by the County Attorney to enter into a real estate sales contract. If the Board does not accept the bid price, the Board may reject the bid or make a counter-offer for the sale of the selected property.