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Nov 06

Snow Conditions at Casper Mtn. Nordic Area

Posted to Natrona County Parks by Matt Buhler

First packing run on 5-6 inches of wet, dense new snow, plus remnants of previous storms took place on 11/5/2018. Base depth is 1-2 inches. Trails packed; Strube Loop and portions of the Maze. All other trails are CLOSED, please stay off them!  Strube Loop turned out nice, the Maze, not so much. The Stadium portion of the Maze and portions of the Lights on the east side are decent. The rest of the Maze is basically a ‘hay field’.  Lights are NOT ON until we get enough snow to cover the ‘hay field’.  Rock skis are recommended, enjoy.
Sep 27

T.W. Elf Meets Olivia the Osprey

Posted to The Wandering Elf by T.W. Elf

I tried with all my might to hold on to my dear sleigh, but the Wyoming wind got the best of me. In a flash, I was thrown into the air. Rotating, spinning fiercely like a rag doll, I could barely catch my breath. When the squall finally subsided, I realized the rope was no longer in my grasp. Woodsy was gone.

In the distance I could see him floating down the North Platte. In my dismay, I raced down the shoreline leaping and bounding as quickly as I could. I dodged sage brush, drifts and rocks. Just as I was about to grab the line, another gust swooped me up and tossed me. When I got my balance and recovered from the cold wind, Woodsy was lost. He was nowhere in sight.

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