Goals & Mission


The Natrona County Coroner's Office is dedicated to providing the citizens of Natrona County with timely medico-legal death investigations in a professional and courteous manner, while ensuring the highest level of compassion, dignity, and respect for the deceased and their family. Through collaborative efforts and advances in technology and training, our efforts will serve the community of Natrona County on a higher standard of professionalism.


The goals of the coroner’s office are to:
  • Create a year-end report that will be superior to years past
  • Establish a first-ever Coroner database that will produce very technical and useful data for the office and the community
  • Increase the number of donor cases through advocacy, facilitation, and support of organ and tissue donation
  • Provide a family presence in the office
    • The Coroner welcomes and invites families of decedents to interact and meet with the Coroner and staff to ask questions and receive needed information to assist with the healing process
  • Establish an atmosphere of transparency and trust within the community
    • This office engages in open communication, both within the office as well as with the community
  • Establish a budget that is within a comfortable range of operation while maintaining a fiduciary responsibility to Natrona County

Additional Information

For more information, please call (307) 235-9458.