Field Appraisal


The Natrona County Assessor's Office is required by law to annually list, value and assess all taxable property in the county. This task is accomplished by the Natrona County Assessor's field appraisers.


Field Appraisers have the task of listing and valuing all real property in Natrona County for the purpose of determining market value pursuant to Wyoming Statute 39-1-102b Section 3(d.).

Field Appraisers follow-up on any building permit filed in Natrona County. They visit the property to acquire accurate information regarding the structure(s) being built.

They also confirm demolition permits. If you demolish a structure on your property, please advise the Assessor's Office so we can update the listing.

Contact our office if you have any questions at (307) 235-9444.

When Property Appraisals are Required

  • At the taxpayers request
  • During the annual review and inspection
  • To verify property information when a sale occurs
  • When a building or demolition permit is issued

Procedure for Property Appraisals

The Appraiser(s) will take new photographs, take exterior measurements of all structures and contact the Owner/Renter to update our information.

If there is no one at the property, the Appraiser(s) will leave their contact information hanging on your door. To ensure we have the current information on your property, please call the Assessor's Office at (307) 235-9444 or send an email to the field appraisers.

Proper Identification

  • Each appraiser will have a Natrona County Employee Badge.
  • Our county vehicles are identified with the county seal on the front doors.