A Child Is Missing Alert Program

Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the United States.

A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM)

Natrona County has formalized an agreement with the A Child Is Missing Alert Program. This vital service is devoted to assisting law enforcement in the search and early safe recovery efforts in ALL missing cases such as children, the elderly (often with Alzheimer's) and mentally challenged, college students or disabled individuals via a rapid-response neighborhood alert program utilizing high-tech telephony systems.

Generates 1000 Calls In 60 Seconds

As a First Responder, this is one of the fastest and most effective programs law enforcement can activate in the critical first hours of a missing case. This Nationwide Program is funded by federal and state grants, private corporations, individuals, fundraisers and is free to all Law Enforcement Agencies.

Upon receipt of missing persons calls, the Natrona County Sheriff's Office will make its first phone call to a toll-free number that rings to the national headquarters of the 'A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM).' The call initiates a rapid process of information gathering and use of sophisticated mapping systems. A Child Is Missing then launches potentially thousands of calls within minutes with an alert message detailing the missing person's description, last known whereabouts, and pertinent information.

Phone numbers that are called by this program include listed numbers and mobile numbers available to ACIM in the selected area. Mobile numbers, unlisted numbers, broadband/voice-over IP numbers, or TDD/TTY devices can be added to ensure they, too, are called in the event of an alert. To enter any of these numbers visit www.achildismissing.org and click on 'add your name' to enter your name number and address.

Success Stories

An 85 year old male with early-onset Alzheimer's was found wandering. The man was unable to remember his own name. A Child Is Missing placed 4,533 calls in the vicinity of where the man was found. The man was returned to his family within two hours of the calls being launched.

A 7 year old autistic boy was reported missing. ACIM placed 1,077 calls to the neighborhood, and the neighborhood's reply was fantastic. Approximately 300 people responded to the calls by coming out of their houses and assisting in the search. One of the concerned citizens looked into her backyard pool area and discovered him there. Thankfully, the boy was recovered before he was harmed.

Download (PDF) the brochure to learn more about the program or visit the ACIM website.